Game Plan 05/03/2018

Big Picture unchanged since Friday. We’re selling AUDJPY NZDJPY and CADJPY.

Strong vs Weak Board below:


We expect further seasonal YEN UPSIDE  vs commodity currencies best for now but can be traded against GBP and EUR as well.

TemetNosce101 05-03-2018 10.11.34 .jpg

Implied volatility levels for today:

TemetNosce101 05-03-2018 08.39.47

Once off: Based on Larry Williams’ Work ( )here is Trading Day of the month concept for USD Index and SP500 . FOR USDX 20/03/ 2018 is 14th trading day of the month where longs have 100% accuracy over the last 20 years. We’ll see.

TemetNosce101 05-03-2018 08.30.39

Serious buying in the #SP500 should start  around middle of the month with big impulse expected on trading day 11 which translates to March 15th 2018.

TemetNosce101 05-03-2018 08.28.28

GL, HF..



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