GAMEPLAN MONDAY 02/05/2017 [ USDX Consolidating in a Down-Trend ]

$USDX stuck in consolidation but downtrend still in tact. We’re careful with pro USD INDEX trades until we break out of this channel:

TemetNosce101 2-5-2018 10.53.19 AM

Let the market confirm this reading but for now EUR currency is the strongest of the bunch with AUD being weakest. This suggests EURAUD longs as best opportunity for now. AUDUSD shorts also looking decent but could be mroe problematic because of USD INDEX situation.

TemetNosce101 2-5-2018 8.45.34 AM

Having said that we’re hunting EURAUD longs & AUDUSD shorts for now.


TemetNosce101 2-5-2018 10.14.50 AM


TemetNosce101 2-5-2018 10.15.59 AM

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Recorded Vdeo of our European CyberOffice Session below ( Polish Audio)

TemetNosce101 2-5-2018 11.42.08 AM


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